I was born in Denizli, Turkey in 1978. My father was an idealist art teacher therefore I became familiar with the workshop life, colors and paints when I was child. I also improved my drawing works from model thanks to my father who is my art teacher during my mid-school years. I attended the large size posters and portrait works with my father and brother in the later years.
My artistic painting talent was noticed by my art teacher in elementary school and it’s continued through Faculty of Fine Arts.
I  graduated from the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, in 2002. I have done a lot of practice and work in the university workshops such as acrylic, oil painting and watercolor techniques on the canvas and paper; gravure and linoleic printing techniques in the unique printing works. During my university years, when I disciplined myself in terms of both practical and mental producing; my passion and interest for painting increased greatly thanks to my teachers.
In 2009, I practiced painting and sculpting works as well as stage design works at the 2a Art Workshop that we established with my brother. I have had various painting applications both inside and outside of Turkey. I married to piano player Ekaterina Seregina in 2012 and our daughter Anastasiya was born in 2016. In order to continue to my art life, I established my painting & sculpting workshop in 2013.  I still continue to my works in my own workshop.
There are adventures occurred in my paintings that consist of moods of positive emotions in my life. In the period when I was affected by the life of my wife, I have been doing watercolor works that I try to catch the feelings of musicians from the reflections of classical music in my imaginary world. I combined the romantic influence of watercolor with the universal spirit of classical music and created works of emotions and feelings.
I am creating snapshots from my own world with the influence of my happy and romantic life. I imagine the worlds that consist in love, excitement, longing, mystery and secrets. I have a perception that likes to combine the contrast and strong colors, I am not worried when bringing them together. There are primitive expressions that consist surreal effects, and impressionist effects that gives a feeling like brush and paint are alive. I believe each painting has own soul and story, they are reflections of the feelings and the soul rather than a random result. I feel like I live in a story, as if I am seeking the reality in the world of imagination and; when I open my eyes I step back and look to the connection between imagination and reality. My life like a world where the brush and paint make it real, I live happily with the romantic spirit inside.


2015 October 02-22 ​    ​​Art Park Gallery – Antalya
2015 November 17-29 ​​16th International Antalya Piano Festival – Antalya
216 October 16-31​      ​​Museum of Antalya Exhibition Hall – Antalya
2017 January 23-February 3      ​Kuğulu Art Gallery , Ziraat Sanat – Ankara
2017 October 23-November 3 ​Vakıfbank Headquarters Art Gallery – Ankara


2015  8th International Watercolor Biennal “Art Bridge-Watercolor”, St. Petersburg, Russia